Don’t be a player hater

​I have yet to grasp the concept of “hating“. 

You see, the thing is we all actually phyisically need each other to succeed. People don’t realize that when you put someone else down you are actually stopping your self from prospering. Maybe that person had the capability to help you move foward but you stood in their way. 

Everything you do in life you need someone.

That car you drive someone else built it. 

Those clothes you wear someone else made them. 

That phone you are using to even read this, someone else made it. 

No one on earth is a one man show. When you help others achieve their dreams, even with something as small as a word of encouragement, you are setting up path for your own success in return. 

There is enough success for everyone, success is not a scarcity. When you take part in helping someone achieve their dreams you are achieving your own simultaneously.


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