Extra egg, mayo and olive oil…. for my hair, please! DIY Hydrating Hair Mask!


Friends, Romans, Country men lend me your ear!

I have found the fountain of youth for our little hair folicals! Not only is this mask extremely hydrating, but it also restores and strengthens your hair like no other!

Here is what you will need:

  1. 1/2 q cup of regular mayonnaise
  2. 2 eggs
  3. 3 table spoons of olive oil

Mix the ingredients in a bowl  and apply to shampooed hair. Cover your hair with either a shower cap, a plastic bag, or whatever is handy for you and let your body heat get to working on your head. Leave in for 30 min, shampoo and condition , then style hair as desired!

Your hair folicals will literally be dancing with joy because you hair will be so bouncy and soft!


No we are not making a sandwhich -Even though that sounds really good right now- As wierd as that may sound these 3 ingredients will love your hair up honey!

Olive oil:   Rich in Vitamin A, E and antioxidents olive oil helos protect the keratin in hair and locks in moister. Olive oil also aids in removing sebum and buildup from products that can hinder hair from growing

Eggs: The sulfur in egg yoke stimulates the scalp and prevents hair loss (awesome!). Egg whites are also one of the best sources of protein for hair which makes hair folicals stronger and helo those little guys grow!

Mayonnaise: Not only one of my favorite condiments, but mayonnaise contains vinegar  and other natural oils that moistrize and condition the hair.  Vinegar restores the PH balance in your hair whicg in return restores damaged hair. (And I’m all for it!)


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