Would you rather?

The other day I saw a video of a boy about 11 years old with a full face of makeup that was done impeccably by himself. The caption of the video said, “If this was your son, what would you do?” I saw a lot of people say they would beat the little boy, some also said they would let him be whoever he wanted to be. But what does that mean exactly?

Let him be who ever he wanted to be

If I found out that any one of my children had such a amazing talent and love for makeup at such a young age I would never do my makeup again. I would do everything possible to help them develop that talent. In no way would I stop him or her from being the best that they can be in whatever it is that they are doing,  but does that mean that I should encourage my child to believe that they identify with any other gender then the one they were born with?


My faith in God places my convictions and morality in Him. That is, and always will be, first place in my life. But, with that also comes a great responsibility from Him to love.

I have tried to look at every reasonable side of the spectrum, and I too, being a tomboy growing up, did not like to wear dresses or skirts just because society said ‘I had to.’ I played with the boys; we climbed trees, rode our bikes and ran around. I didn’t really fit in with girls playing with barbies and doing what was considered ‘girly things’. What would have happened if my mom told me I can be a boy if I wanted to, or played with the idea that I fit in more with they boys because that is who I probably was inside? 

I look at myself now,  I spend and hour getting ready, my hair, nails and makeup always have to be done, and I adore cute outfits that accentuate my figure. I am in every way possible a woman and in fact very ‘girly.’


So what made me differ from any other child? I have never once thought of myself as a boy, my tomboy phase was simply because it was more fun to run outside than to be inside playing with dolls. Why wasn’t it taken as nothing more than just that, a phase, and not considered as anything deeper? What was so different about me or anyone else who came out so confident and completely assured of who they are?

To be continued….


9 thoughts on “Would you rather?

  1. jerennazuto says:

    I would say it’s not entirely depends on the outlook! A little boy doing makeup to himself could be trying out his skills or could have wanted to make himself beautiful the way he see some people do. So there’s nothing to do decide from that. Like your life Tom boyish could be a phase or not, you can’t be sure until you really talk to them, give them awareness, instead of suggesting things based on our assumptions. Just to be clear, I’m agreeing with you, just adding few points. By the way, great topic and perspective.

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    • judyricquel says:

      Really appreciate your input! I totally agree with you also! There is nothing wrong with loving makeup boy or girl, but forcing an opinion on a child who hadn’t even discovered who they are yet somehow doesn’t sit right with me. Again thank you so much for your insight! Really appreciated it!

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  2. drewkiercey says:

    ” Why wasn’t it taken as nothing more than just that, a phase, and not considered as anything deeper?” I read this NY Times article the other day where a father wrote in saying taht people hould stop putting titles on his tom boy daughter. The were like, “should she be called a he, is she transexual, is she homosexual… i dont want to offend by assuming” His daughter is no more that 12.
    People are so used to blurring the lines nowadays that no one is defined as make o female anymore. When you are a child the responsibility of the paents is to mold. Mak up are for girls, you are boy. simple.

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