Why NOT to watch 13 Reasons why? 

Raise your hand if you felt an uncanny sense of depression after watching 13 reason why.

*Raises hand*

Before committing suicide Hannah Baker records 13 casset tapes telling the story of the series of events that led up to her decision. What was suppose to shed a light on a obvious and real problem I found not only enabled the idea of suicide but glorified it. There was no light at the end of the tunnel, there was no message of hope. It was kind of like taking a drug addict to his supplier, saying “drugs are bad,” then walking away.

To romantisize the idea of suicide being a solution and a way to ‘stick it to’ anyone who has done you wrong is not only misguiding but extremely dangerous. I know, I know this is just a show, it’s fiction, but what answers does someone get from watching who is suicidal and what they are seeing is in fact very real for them? How does someone who is emotionally unstable or dealing with any type of mental disorder get help? Studies have shown that at least 5% of all youth suicides are caused by suicide contagion.  It is literally impossible to help a person by triggering and feeding into the very emotions they are trying overcome.

I did not appreciate how certain moments were dramatize and magnified to somehow make them fit in the same category with rape to justify something as miniscule as being put on list, or someone sharing a peom were also as tragic to lead her to take her own life. Yes, the things that she went through were in fact not pleasent, but there was nothing different or anything that set them apart or over the top until the topic of rape came into play. The show itself even refered to Hannah Baker as a being a “drama queen.”

Can we also just take a second to adress how Devin Druid,who played Tyler, and was also bullied in the show, had stored up for himself  a collection of various types of guns as a solution for him being bullied? What message exactly is anyone trying to send with that? Do we really need to hype up gun violence anymore than it already is?

Suicide is in no way a solution, it is final. You do not get to start over, or see how the ones that hurt you realize their wrong doings, there is no rewind button and people will not celebrate you like a hero. There is no glory to be had, suicide is the end. It is final. Let’s be clear, Hannah Baker killed herself because she wanted to, not because she had no way out. Not only did she ruin her life, but she caused an unnecessary downward spiral in the lives of everyone around her.

Find someone to talk to, find someone who will listen. You are not helpless there are many outlets available that are willing and can help. You are not stuck or alone. Hey, you can even talk to me if you if you feel you have no one else, I will listen!


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