Would they make it? (When good isn’t good enough pt. 2)

So the other day I was watching the movie Sabrina and immediately I was taken aback. To me Audrey Hepburn just totally embodied the meaning of elegance and grace. From the way she walked, how she moved, how she stared how she spoke. I found myself completely mesmerized by her. 

Well, since Audrey Hepburn  movies were meant for the enjoyment of  binge watching, (you can’t just watch one, you just can’t!) I started watching Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, then Funny face and finally My fair Lady ( no judging please). I saw the same thing that I loved about her in every film; that elegance and poise that made her Audrey Hepburn. She never lost it, not once. 

Then I got to thinking; what if she came out today, 50 years from now would she still be Audrey Hepburn? Would she still have the same impact as she did during her time? What about all the other greats like  Eartha Kitt, Lucille Ball, Maya Angelo, Bob Marely, Micheal Jackson, Lauren Hill, even Tupac. In todays world would thier message still be recieved and heard as it was in their time? Would today’s generation look up to them the same way they look up up to Beyonce or Kim Kardashian, for example? 

I have yet to see how “cash me outside how bout dah” can even be considered as something with substance as to where someone could a build a career from it (and make milllions) but yet hard working people go unrecognized every day. Has the bar of creativity been lowered to such a point where things that are actually profound and mean something have no affect because it cannot be understood? Movies aren’t the same, music definitely isn’t the same, nothing is the same. Can an artist still become famous today just by doing what is right for them even if what they stood for wasn’t considered mainstream? Would anyone pay attention?


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