To be or not to be

I am Christian.

For some strange reason I feel a wierd need to defend my beliefs, or feel as if I am automatically being judged for being a Christian.

 I find it impossible to ignore what is going on in the world right now, or this huge wall of misunderstanding and misconceptions that has been built. By saying this in no way am I trying to point fingers or play the blame game, so before you think “there goes another Jesus freak” or “here she comes telling us how we are all going to hell” just hear me out on what being a Christian means to me.

In no way am I ashamed or want to hide being a Christian but I do feel like you instantly get labled or judged by saying you are. It seems like people think either 3 things:

  1. You are judging them because you think you are bettr than they are
  2. You live in fantasy world of make believe
  3. People  hate you because they think because You are full of hate 

I am well aware that some people may feel that way because they have been given a reason to and my heart goes out to you deeply. If I could do anything to make sure you would never feel that way again I would. But if there could be anything further from the truth it would be those 3 things I have just mentioned.

 To be a true Christian is when the people around you know that you are a Christian not by your words or the act of being “holier than thou” but just simply by example. The way you live your life, how you love, how you treat others by the examples you set by not even realizing that you have set any. 

People are suppose to realize that there is something different about you before you even speak because your actions have spoken for themselves. If someone says that they are a Christian and you feel anything but the love of God while being with them then they are not one. They are doing it wrong. A true Christian is one that has left an impression in your heart without you even understanding why or realizing that they have.

Yes, I do have certain values and standards that I will not compromise or put aside, but I do so in love. I do not have to agree, or go with the flow or accept something just because it is considered “the norm” but that does not mean that under any circumstance will treat anyone like anything less than a human being and show them respect, love and kindness. It is not my job to tell someone that God hates them because they have done this or that (which can not be further from the truth. God loves you! He is absolutely in love with You because He made you!) 

I have been put in this earth to love. To show love, to spread love and to give love. And that is exactly what I will do. 



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