When good isn’t good enough. 

Plot twist! Everything you were taught growing up about morals and decency and the differences between good and evil have just been thrown out the window. No seriously, it has.

How is it that a 13 year old can become a millionaire for being rude and disrespectful but there are still struggling artist and hard working people out there trying to make it?

Why does showing your body on the internet automatically qualify you as a “model” but yet photo of a beautiful smile gets passed by?

Why is being faithful considered “old fashion” but yet manhood is measured by the amount of “side chicks” one has and loyalty has become a scarcity rather than a basic requirement?

And when were morals deemed unfit and useless while recklessness and being a “savage” are being praised?

It seems good can no longer suffice in todays world, instead it is being overshadowed and replaced.

When did the world turn? Has the good that’s in the world just stop existing, or has it become too boring and redundant to get recognition?

Has the idea of pushing limits and standards been pushed too far? Has being cutting edge and innovative failed to result in progression and has somehow stripped away something so vital?

…… To be continued


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