How to get a bae 101.

What a time to be alive! Sure, life was much simpler in the past, and times might seem uncertain at the moment, but I must say the future holds a certain fascinating tease of excitement. I love knowing that I am living in a time of endless possibilities and advancements. Knowing that I, and the … Continue reading How to get a bae 101.


Stop School shootings.

When I use to watch movies about the future growing up they made it seem like it would be a place where everything would be all figured out and as a result everyone would have the best quality of life possible. Those movies gave a sort of idea that by the time the future came … Continue reading Stop School shootings.


TRUE OR FALSE?   Sticks and stones may break my bones but Words will never hurt me. Words, the ever so bold fruit of the tongue. With words the universe was formed. The custom of telling someone,"You have my word," was once just as sufficient collateral as handing over your life. So, have words lost their … Continue reading Word?


She lived.  She could not just merely exist. Normalcy possessed nothing to fuel her passions. The basic mold of life failed to capture her attention. She was created for the profound. She was made to do the unfathomable. She is capable of everything;  Nothing is beyond her reach so she never stops reaching. She looks … Continue reading King